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Celebration of Life Christy Joe McPhee-August 1/18

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Chris McPhee was my stepdad and a truly humble person. He was in our lives for just under a decade but his mark on our lives is everlasting. A calm, quiet soul with a good ear and a big heart. He loved the farm. He and my mom stayed here in our little cabin and in their RV many times. He liked to walk around the orchard and by the creek. We planted a memorial tree (a good strong oak) beside the creek and we all tied yellow ribbons on it. I love looking out my kitchen window and his tree is right in my view. As much as it was sad, it was a celebration of his life and spirit and I think he would have loved it being in the barn. Thank you to Amanda and Carly (daughters extraordinaire) for their planning and decoration with flowers and pictures in the barn.

Rest in Peace

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