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Gerome & Leslie Louie ~ June 23/2019

What a memorable first for Brook & Barn to have a morning wedding & luncheon. We loved every bit of it! Coffee & scones were served as guests arrived & took their seats to wait for the ceremony to begin. The ceremony was just getting underway when the clouds gave the sun the boot. Leslie & Gerome almost made it through the ceremony before the rain began but it didn’t phase our dazzling couple. They were all smiles as they said their vows & moved into the Bunkhouse to sign the registry & make it official. The ceremony was immediately followed by a luncheon reception over in the barn as the sun decided to reappear and stick around this time. When you have a couple who loves food with a PASSION, you get a wedding that will not soon be forgotten. (My husband only remembers weddings based on if the food was good!) From the very start Leslie told us they wanted to have the best food... and boy did they! Start Fresh Kitchen is just amazing & if you haven’t checked them out, you should! Not only did the food taste fantastic but the presentation was jaw dropping. Lighthearted & loving toasts were followed by dancing and games. You couldn’t help but be relaxed at this elegant but easygoing wedding. This couple has a wonderful sense of humour & their laughter all day set the tone for a remarkable time!

Brook & Barn was honoured to be part of this special day!


Catering: Start Fresh Kitchen

Venue: Brook & Barn Casorso Heritage Farm

Photography: Brett Alton

Bar: Tapped Events

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